930 Tuned Header Installation

Congratulations on purchasing the best designed 930 headers for the price on the planet!  An equal part of design is ease of installation.  The headers are modular which allows flexibility when installing to compensate for common fitment challenges such as aftermarket turbochargers.  All stock hardware and gaskets are retained.

Headers are modular and consist of two identical primary headers and a Y-pipe assembly.

Each primary pipe will rotate free in the merge collector allowing not only for heat expansion but ease of installation.
The Y-pipe assembly has two equal length secondary elbows that rotate freely off the Y for ease of adjustment and heat expansion.

  1. Mount the driver’s side header.  Leave loose.  It is good to also
  2. pre-mount the passenger’s side to line up the primaries and then remove it for the next step.
  3. Attach the secondary assembly to the driver’s side header.  Tubes are precision fit and will be tight.  Be mindful that the primary pipes can move.
  4. Slide these assembled components onto the driver’s side header.  (It is good to pre-test that elbow as these are tight joints.  Rotate back and forth to fit.)
  5. Rotate the assembly up to the passenger’s side bank and bolt up.  Leave loose.
  6. The Y-joint can rotate on the elbows.  Rotate and push the Y-joint up to meet the turbo exhaust inlet flange.
  7. Bolt to flange using stock hardware.  It is easiest to bolt the back first.  Leave all bolts loose.     
  8. Adjust the headers to perfect fitment and tighten all bolts.
  9. Mount turbo oil tank and waste gate.





Installed System