930 headers & heat exchangers

RarlyL8 930 headers were designed to correct all of the shortcomings noted in other popular systems. We have created the most thought out and powerful 930 headers for the price on the market today.

  • 321 Stainless Construction - Higher heat tolerance and lighter weight due to Ti and Ni content.
  • Equal Length Primary Tubes - for a tuned system that maximizes torque.
  • Merge Collectors - as seen in all high end and racing venues where smooth transition is paramount.
  • Equal Length Secondary Tubes - complete the path for a true tuned exhaust.
  • Split Plenum T3 Turbo Flange - System is a true split plenum with both banks isolated. Twin waste gates are optional.
  • Back Purge Welding and Polished Transitions - no slag to break loose and take out your turbo and possibly harm your engine.
  • Custom Tubing Sizes and Flanges Avaialble - Call
RarlyL8 Primary & Secondary

BOLT ON 50WHP with a set of RarlyL8 Equal Length Headers and Street Muffler.  POWER, TORQUE, SOUND and your DRIVING EXPERIENCE are all greatly enhanced by these products.  The tuned sound alone is worth the switch to quality!
$395 Heat exchangers are available for all headers.  Designed to bolt on for ease of fitment and replacement if ever damaged.  Can also be easily removed when not needed.  Material is hardened aluminum, extremely light weight and will not abrade 321 headers.
Header components consist of both banks and the Y-assembly.  Installation and fitment are not a problem with this design.
Design retains stock early oil lines and stock early oil tank.  You save $350 in added cost!
Waste Gate uses stock hard lines and valve covers can be removed with headers in place.
Waste Gate Pipe design draws a signal from both banks for a great improvement over other designs.  No more over-boost in high HP applications! Waste Gate Pipe
CUSTOM OPTIONS are available to help you build the engine of your dreams!
The system pictured has 1.625" primaries with Carrera flanges, T4 turbo flange, and twin V-band waste gates.
EXTREME BUILDS require extreme components. This primary header pictured features 1.625" primaries, double walled slip joints, and a bell shaped V-band bolted to 2.25" secondaries. The Y-assembly is a fully split system with twin waste gates and a V-band turbo flange to mate with a stainless steel turbo. WOW! #124 Double Wall