930 Muffler Assembly Installation

Congratulations!  You have purchased the lightest and most versitile muffler on the market for your 911 Turbo.  Installation was designed to be very simple with only metric wrenches needed.  The system is entirely modular and designed to mix and match tailpipes should you ever desire a different look.  Please check my website, RarlyL8.com, e-mail or call if you have questions or need assistance.

Components for the dual outlet muffler include the tailpipe spacer and clamps.

The stock US or Euro bracket is retained but must moved out to meet your new muffler.  Oversized bolts are provided in the mounting kit to add adjustment for a perfect fit.

Slide the 180 bend onto the muffler outlet.  Slide the 5” T-band clamp unto the muffler and over the spacer bracket as shown.  Once the muffler is bolted to the turbo, slide the clamp and spacer toward the muffler neck to ease installation of the driver’s side (DS) tailipe. 

Slide the tailpipe(s) on and adjust the assembly so the tailpipes exit exactly where you want them.  The 180 bend will telescope and rotate in an arc.  Tailpipes will telescope and rotate as well.  Sliding the spacer toward the passenger’s side will lower the DS tailpipe while raising the PS tailpipe, and vice-versa.  Tighten all clamps when finished.  Lastly you install and tighten the muffler bracket clamp.

Dual Outlet Clamp

Dual Outlet Muffler
requires 2 clamps to stabilize driver’s side tailpipe.

USA Bracket
Uses 3” T-bolt clamp to attach bottom leg of clamp to tailpipe.  Bracket is adjusted out to meet the tailpipe using oversized bolts included.