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That header is Kick ass. I have installed many B&B / powerhaus headers yours is a dream.
Easy to install no leaks and the sound is incredible.
The off boost performance is improved. 
I installed a K29 , .9 bar spring and I gutted my B&B muffler (shit piece ) . the car is quieter ! sounds like a sport bike or Ferrari and the waste gate screams instead of hiss.
I love it . 
The slip fit is tight.
I have been pulled over by other Porsche drivers asking" what kind of exhaust is that? "
I have no idea of the horse power due to all the changes but the car is now scary. 
looking forward to heat
1991 C2 turbo Thanks,

You sir, are a Maestro!! I had no idea a 930 could sound so good! I am in awe. I just got back from the first drive after bolting them on, I ended up driving around for two hours. My wife finally had to call to make sure I wasn't broken down somewhere. Alright I'm done. The performance was better than I had anticipated, the boost seemed to come on slightly sooner probably just a bit over 2k rpm, but it really enhanced the upper range. It hit really hard at 3k and just kept pushing! Before, the turbo kind of fizzled out above 5k. Not anymore! I did not really go much beyond that, as I would like to verify that my afrs are all in order before I push it too hard. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I have a K27S installed, and it seems to be a great match for these headers. Again Brian, superb work! I am really going to enjoy these, and I have zero regrets replacing a fine set of SSIs for these.

And here's a whole thread by a bunch of satisfied customers: