RarlyL8 Motorsports has partnered with Bell Intercoolers to bring you the most user friendly designs on the market.  No more fitment issues costing hundreds of dollars and countless hours of frustration to fix.  Both core and end tank design optimize cooling while retaining OEM fitment.

$1695 Intercooler core is OEM configuration.  Height is one inch taller than stock and requires no gasket.  Mates flush with OEM shroud for a factory fit. RarlyL8 Intercooler Core
  Intercooler uses all OEM hardware and O-rings.  Accepts stock CIS equipment such as AAR and AAV.  Extra ports for measuring and boost sensors.   M18 port for OEM boost sending unit or other uses such as Methenol injection. Intercooler
  Installs in minutes for that OEM-Plus look. Clears factory wiper motor. STOCK AIR BREATHER IS NOT REMOVED TO INSTALL. Nothing is removed except the old original intercooler. Plug & Play. Installed Intercooler
  Intercooler pictured can be installed using 965 BOV.  Extra ports allow hook-up of existing hoses.  Must use an adapter to replace the 930 BOV at the throttle body (long neck). Intercooler using BOV 965